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Create a Bootable ESXi Installer USB Drive

To create a bootable ESXi Installer USB Drive that will work totally identical to an Installable CD, do the
following steps:

     1- Download Rufus software from this link:
     2- Download an ESXi image
     3- Connect the USB flash drive to your computer
     4- Open Rufus
     5- Select your Device
     6- Select your ISO file
     7- Select MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI

     8- Press Start
     9- Select Yes when it asks to replace menu.c32.
     10- Rufus will now create your bootable ESXi Installer USB Drive. This will take about one minute.

When you boot a server with this USB Flash Drive, the ESXi Installer will copy the whole installer to
the memory which means that you can install ESXi to the device where you are installing from.
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