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VMware Virtual SAN Updates
A Land of Virtualization Technology
VMware vSAN 6.6
New features in vSAN 6.6 (vSphere 6.5 EP02 Patch) are:
     • Native encryption for data-at-rest
     • Compliance certifications
     • Resilient management independent of vCenter
     • Degraded Disk Handling v2.0 (DDHv2)
     • Smart repairs and enhanced rebalancing
     • Intelligent rebuilds using partial repairs
     • Certified file service & data protection solutions
     • Stretched clusters with local failure protection
     • Site affinity for stretched clusters
     • 1-click witness change for Stretched Cluster
     • vSAN Management Pack for vRealize
     • Enhanced vSAN SDK and PowerCLI
     • Simple networking with Unicast
     • vSAN Cloud Analytics with real-time support notification and recommendations
     • vSAN Config Assist with 1-click hardware lifecycle management
     • Extended vSAN Health Services
     • vSAN Easy Install with 1-click fixes
     • Up to 50% greater IOPS for all-flash with optimized checksum and dedupe
     • Support for new next-gen workloads
     • vSAN for Photon in Photon Platform 1.1
     • Day 0 support for latest flash technologies
     • Expanded caching tier choice
     • Docker Volume Driver 1.1